About Cape Cod Community College

Cape Cod Community College, founded in 1961, delivers educational programs and services to meet the diverse needs of the residents of Cape Cod, the Canal Region, the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, and the Greater Plymouth Area.

The College offers programs of instruction during the day, evening, and weekends, in order to meet our student's needs. In addition to providing access to high quality higher education, the College plays a critical role in community-building and cultural events for our service area.

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Programs of Study

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The College currently offers 24 Associate in Arts degrees, 14 Associate in Science degrees, 1 Associate in Applied Science degree, and 49 certificates in a variety of program areas.

Programs of Study

Advanced degrees are offered in partnership with other colleges and universities.


Group of students
  • Approximately 3300 students enroll at the College each semester
  • Students range in age from 16 to 80
  • About 61% of the students are female
  • 26% are students of color
  • 43% are 25 years of age or older
  • 84% of our students matriculate in a degree or certificate program
  • Approximately 71% attend part-time


Jennifer Alai

Of the 67 full-time faculty members teaching at the College, 57% are women, 18% are educators of color while 30% hold Doctorates and 63% hold Master's degrees in their area of expertise.

Over 200 part-time adjunct faculty with specialized knowledge and expertise contribute to the College's commitment to excellence.