Associate in Arts Degree

Performing Arts Concentration


The Performing Arts curriculum offers instruction in theory, practice and history. These three areas of study provide the foundation needed to begin a career in the performing arts or to prepare for admission to a four-year college or university music, theater, dance or performance studies program.

Students who are matriculated and place into developmental math and/or English are required to begin the course sequence in the first semester. Please see an advisor with questions.

First Semester Credits
ENL101 M 3
  M Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning 3 or 4
COM103 M 3
PSY101   3
  M Foundation Course 3
Second Semester Credits
ENL102   3
BIO105 M 4
    Foundation Course 3
  M Concentration Elective 3
    Practicum Elective 3
Third Semester Credits
  M Natural or Physical Science 3 or 4
SOC106   3
    Foundation Course 3
    Concentration Elective (or) Practicum Elective 3
    Elective 3
Fourth Semester Credits
  M Concentration Elective 3
    Behavioral & Social Science 3
    Practicum Elective 1
    Elective 3
    Elective 3
Total Credits 60–61

M Designates a Milestone course. A milestone course must be completed in the semester indicated to ensure that you remain on track to continue on in your program and graduate on time.

Foundation Courses
THR101 Introduction to Theater*
THR102 Page to Stage: Planning Play Production
THR120 Stagecraft & Theater Technologies
MUS101 Music Theory I*
MUS102 Music History I*
MUS103 Music History II*

Practicum Electives
THR104 Intro to Stage Management (1 credit)
THR105 Intro to Theatrical Makeup (1 credit)
THR113 Rehearsal & Performance (1 credit)
MUS113 Select Chorus (1 credit)
MUS123 Jazz Combo (1 credit)
MUS120 Applied Music (1 credit)
MUS121 Advanced Applied Music (2 credits)
MUS122 Beginning Guitar (1 credit)
MUS124 Guitar II
MUS126 Beginning Piano (1 credit)
MUS127 Piano II (1 credit)

Concentration Electives
DAN102 Musical Theater Dance
DAN120 Modern Dance I*
DAN221 Modern Dance II
MUS102 Music History I*
MUS103 Music History II*
MUS202 Advanced Music Theory*
MUS205 Song Writing
THR101 Introduction to Theater*
THR102 Page to Stage: Planning Play Production
THR103 Acting I*
THR125 Stage Movement
THR203 Acting II
THR209 Audition Techniques & Portfolio Preparation
THR261 Theater Cooperative Work Experience

Please note: Students must select 6 credits from the courses listed above with * to satisfy the Humanities & Fine Arts General Education requirement.

The Associate in Arts degree does not indicate a specialized degree in a concentration. Students who complete this concentration will satisfy the requirements of MassTransfer. For additional information pertaining to degree requirements, please refer to Degree Requirements.

Career Outlook

Students with a strong performing arts background may pursue degrees and careers in performance, choreography, directing, technical theater, radio/TV production, dance/drama/music therapy and/or instruction, broadcast media, and more.

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