Associate in Science Degree

Dental Hygiene Program


This full-time degree program prepares the student to become a dental hygienist who is a preventive oral health professional prepared to provide educational, clinical and therapeutic services to the public. This degree also prepares the student for more advanced educational opportunities in the health care field.

Students who are matriculated and place into developmental math and/or English are required to begin the course sequence in the first semester. Please see an advisor with questions.

Pre-admission Requirement
CHM151 (or)
General Chemistry I (4 credits) (or)
Chemistry for the Health Sciences (4 credits)

CHM151 General Chemistry I

This course emphasizes the atomic nature of matter, fundamental laws and theories of mass and energy, the periodic classification of elements, chemical bonding, nomenclature, kinetic molecular theory applied to solids, liquids and gases, solution chemistry, and descriptive chemistry. Laboratory studies reinforce the principles and concepts studied in lecture and will initiate the student to sound methods of scientific investigation. (3 class hours/3 laboratory hours)

Prerequisite: MAT040 or MAT045 or satisfactory basic skills assessment scores. Co-requisite: ENL101

Offered: Fall, Summer

Note: Satisfies a Natural or Physical Science general education requirement.

CHM109 Chemistry for the Health Sciences I

An introductory course for students in various health-related programs. Emphasis is placed on practical aspects of inorganic chemistry. Some organic chemistry is introduced. (3 class hours/2 laboratory hours)

Prerequisite: MAT030 or MAT035, ENL108 or satisfactory basic skills assessment scores

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Note: Satisfies a Natural or Physical Science general education requirement.

First Semester Credits
ENL101 M 3
BIO251 M 4
DEN101 M 2
DEN103 M 3
DEN121 M 2
DEN126 M 3
Second Semester Credits
BIO252 M 4
DEN102 M 2
DEN123 M 2
DEN128 M 4
DEN205 M 3
DEN200 M 3
Summer Session
HEA201 M 3
BIO281 M 4
Third Semester Credits
COM103   3
DEN209 M 3
DEN211 M 2
DEN230 M 2
DEN236 M 4
DEN237 M 2
Fourth Semester Credits
PSY101   3
SOC106   3
DEN105   2
DEN232   2
DEN238   4
    General Education Elective 3
Total Credits 75

M Designates a Milestone course. A milestone course must be completed in the semester indicated to ensure that you remain on track to continue on in your program and graduate on time.

The Dental Hygiene Program provides selected individuals from various experiential and educational backgrounds the opportunity for education in dental hygiene. Graduates are awarded the Associate in Science degree and are eligible for the Commission on Dental Competency Assessments/ADEX Examination and the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination.

The program in Dental Hygiene is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation and has been granted the accreditation status of “approved without reporting requirements.” The Commission is a specialized accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. The Commission on Dental Accreditation can be contacted at 312-440-4653 or at 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611-2678. The Commission’s web address is

Dental Hygiene applicants are accepted only for the FALL SEMESTER.

Special Requirements for Students Enrolled in the Dental Hygiene Program

Applicants must submit the following credentials by February 1:

The preferred applicant will present:

Wait List:

Once the incoming class has been selected, a wait list will be formulated with the following criteria:

Additional Program Information/Requirements

Career Outlook

Employment opportunities are available as an entry-level Dental Hygienist in private general and specialty dental practices, community dental health centers, and public health agencies/facilities.

Program Outcomes

The Dental Hygiene program at Cape Cod Community College provides students with the theory, knowledge, and experience necessary to obtain competency in the practice of dental hygiene in a variety of settings. Upon completion of the program, the dental hygiene graduates are able to meet the following learning outcomes: