Engineering Technology Certificate

Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship

No new students may elect the Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate for the 2018–2019 academic year. Currently enrolled students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor to plan how to complete their certificate.


Knowing how to appropriately incorporate technology innovation is crucial for creating thriving workplaces and careers. Jobs today require creativity and alternative thinking to develop new ideas for and answer to work-related problems. This certificate enables students to study the innovation process as it relates to technology from an engineering, quality control, inventory management, and material flow perspective. This is the perfect certificate for someone interested in working within and managing an innovative and efficient organization – or for someone interested in starting a new one. This certificate will teach one how to provide your products with what user’s want, when they want it.

The certificates being offered within the engineering and advanced manufacturing field of studies are designed from a two layer perspective to ensure that a student’s skills are aligned with industry and when appropriate academia. This particular certificate is a second tier certificate that requires that the student already possess the level one Engineering Technology Certificate (or be able to demonstrate equivalent competences). Students earning this certificate will emerge with the confidence, knowledge, and experiential skills to take an idea from concept to fruition, in the shortest time possible, with maximum waste elimination throughout the value chain.

Courses Credits
ENR104   4
MKT100 (or)
Marketing (or)
Introduction to Entrepreneurship

MKT100 Marketing

This course focuses on the basic principles, problems, and practices in marketing. Students learn marketing strategies, design of marketing mixes, and market planning in a changing environment.

Prerequisite: ENL108 or satisfactory basic skills assessment

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

ENT108 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This course provides an overview of the entrepreneurial process of creating businesses, non-profits and other new ventures. Students learn about the roles and attributes of successful entrepreneurs while undergoing a rigorous self-assessment process. Students interview a local entrepreneur, participate in case studies related to new ventures and have the opportunity to learn directly from a variety of speakers invited to class to share their start-up experiences, including ethical dilemmas and other obstacles they will face as entrepreneurs.

Prerequisite: None

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

MAT250   4
ENR206   3
ENR201   3
PHY211   4
Total Credits 21

Note: This certificate has advanced mathematics requirements.

Career Outlook

This occupational profile is provided by O*NET.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate students are able to: