Engineering Technology Certificate

Green Design & Engineering

No new students may elect the Green Design & Engineering certificate for the 2018–2019 academic year. Currently enrolled students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor to plan how to complete their certificate.


This certificate prepares students to successfully incorporate sustainability concepts into the design, manufacture, and support of electro-mechanical devices used in industry and construction. This certificate applies equally well for those students whom are already in the workforce and are looking to augment their skills as well as new students looking to enter into the dynamic green engineering technology work field.

The certificates being offered within the engineering and advanced manufacturing field of studies are designed from a two layer perspective to ensure that a student’s skills are aligned with industry and academia. This particular certificate is a second tier certificate that requires that the student already possess the level one Engineering Technology Certificate (or be able to demonstrate equivalent competences). Therefore students earning this certificate will emerge with the confidence, knowledge, and experiential skills to convert a customer’s requirements into robust and environmentally sound deliverables, in the shortest time possible, with maximum waste elimination throughout the value chain.

Courses Credits
ENR104   4
ENR105   4
ENV171   3
MAT250   4
ENR201   3
PHY211   4
Total Credits 22

Note: This certificate has advanced mathematics requirements.

Career Outlook

Green design engineering technologists typically work in the following economy sectors:

This occupational profile is provided by O*NET.

Completion of a program is based on full time enrollment. Many of our students attend part time and may not complete within the one year timeline.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Green Design & Engineering Certificate students are able to: