Environmental Technology Certificate

Environmental Site Assessment


The Environmental Technology certificates are a collaborative partnership among Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts Maritime Academy and University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth, for persons seeking to acquire skills and knowledge in these environmental fields: Coastal Zone Management, Environmental Site Assessment, Geographic Information Systems, Photovoltaic Technology, Small Wind Technology, Solar Thermal Technology, and Water Supply. Students may need to travel to each of the three schools in order to complete all the courses in any certificate program. Students are encouraged to enroll in ENV260 Cooperative Work Experience/Internship.

This certificate provides an understanding of the scope of environmental site assessment, the tools and techniques used to gather the field data and conduct the evaluation. Students study the interrelationship among various systems that exist on any site and apply these concepts in the evaluation of a site before and after an event has occurred. The regulatory overview focuses on federal, state and local laws governing environmental protection of sites including wetlands, wildlife and hazardous materials sites.

Courses Credits
ENV118   4
ESC101   4
ENV122   3
ENV158   3
ENV260   3
Total Credits 14/17

Note: This certificate is appropriate for students with advanced degrees that are looking for specific technical training.

Career Outlook

Completion of the Environmental Site Assessment Certificate prepares a student to obtain a position as a hazardous materials removal worker or as a technician assisting a licensed site professional in development of land use planning and remediation. The Department of Labor predicts that job opportunities are expected to be excellent in this field.

Experienced workers will have especially favorable opportunities, particularly in the private sector, as more State and local government contract out hazardous materials removal work to private companies. Employment in this field is expected to increase 19 percent or more for all occupations through the year 2022, faster than the average for all occupations and reflecting an increasing concern for a safe and clean environment.

This occupational profile is provided by O*NET.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Environmental Site Assessment Certificate, students are able to: